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Welcome to Valencia Body Contouring where we are committed to help our clients start their journey to glowing skin and a healthy body.


Our body contouring technology will renew your appearance


Reverse the aging process with our Slimwave Facial


We specialize in facial waxing for lips, brows and chin


Look your best with an amazing lash lift and tint

Re-shape your body non-surgically with simple and invigorating body contouring

Liposuction and plastic surgery were once the only options for fat reduction and body shaping, but times have changed. You can avoid the high costs and potential health risks of surgery and embrace body contouring as a safe and less evasive alternative. Valencia Body Contouring has the latest Slimwave technology that will give you the figure you want with no scars or downtime recovering. If you want to permanently reduce fat and see real improvements to your body book your appointment today.

Our Spa

Our Calgary body contouring spa is fully licensed and outfitted with the latest technology and beauty amenities. Enjoy private one-on-one sessions with our skilled technicians.

body contouring calgary
body contouring calgary

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